The Heritage Group

The Heritage Group was established in January 1997. It was conceived with the lofty goal of preserving Bhaktapur's age-old traditions of art and culture, as well as promoting this ancient city as an important tourist destination in Nepal. As its first order of business, this institution has envisioned, proposed and worked out the details--free of cost to the Bhaktapur Municipality--the organization of Bhaktapur Festival 1997. So, in essence, Bhaktapur Festival 1997, slated for October 22-26, 1997, is the brainchild of The Heritage Group.

Bhaktapur Festival 1997, which the Bhaktapur Municipality plans to make a yearly event, is the first of its kind not only for Bhaktapur, but also for the entire nation. Moreover, the five-day gala covering a span of 3 kilometers and involving over one thousand of the city's well-acclaimed craftsmen and cultural personae is also going to be the biggest cultural event in the history of Nepal. As for the visitors, the festivity is expected to attract around 15,000 foreign tourists and over 400,000 Nepalese visitors from Kathmandu and other parts of the country. By envisioning and helping Bhaktapur Municipality organize it, The Heritage Group is only executing an obligation that the Times has bestowed upon it. The next project on The Heritage Group's anvil is the production of a four-part tele-serial on the life of a Newar farmer in the Kathmandu Valley. The shooting of the serial is slated to begin in November 1997.

With a noble cause in hand to execute, The Heritage Group aims to:

  1. Do research and studies as well as to assist research scholars and students doing studies on Bhaktapur's art, culture and life.
  2. Produce audio-visual materials and publications
  3. Promote Bhaktapur's handicrafts.
  4. Organize and manage fairs and festivals.
  5. Run a tourist information center in Bhaktapur providing free travel related information to travelers.
  6. Do all that The Heritage Group deems fit for the execution of its objectives.

For further details,
The Heritage Group
P. O. Box 15, Kwachhen Tol, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Phone: 610770; Fax: 977-1-610258 Attn. Heritage.

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