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 AAASMK Pvt. Ltd.  Darmstadt, Germany
Software Design and development using OOAD methodology for Fund Transfer Systems in Banks with Java & ORACLE. The project involved the fund transfer from one account to another account (corporate or individual) and  using this software ,fee was charged for each transaction. It involves 4-eyes principle in which each employee is given a role for the job he does and the transfer takes place securely based on multi-tier distributed computing with centralized database. It consists 2 applications viz. client side and server side.

Everest Information Technology Inc., USA
Program modification and enhancement of existing financial application system developed on Visual Basic.

Y2K modifications to accounting system developed in clipper .

Internet based application using Oracle WebDB and Java.
Flexgrid Software Development using Visual Basic and ActiveX controls.
DataSafe Website Maintenance.
Medical Scheduling system for medium and large physicians offices as ongoing project.

Japan Nepal Computer Collaboration
This software was developed in Oracle (Server Side Only) for Toshiba Company (Japan) for Medical Equipment packaging and distribution. A number of packages (containing different procedures and functions) were developed in PL/SQL, according to the system requirement specification. Various test procedures were also developed to test the packages.

Newa Consultants Inc. USA
Developed a Corporate Intranet website of the organization which has its departments located in different states of the United States of America and countries around the world. The development technologies and languages used were Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScripts, JavaScripts, Jscript, HTML, DHTML. The Web server and the database used were
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS V4) running in Windows NT4/2000
and Microsoft SQL Server. 

Value Added Tax (VAT) Election Results Information System  (ERIS)
Integrated Voters Registration System  (IVRS) Professional Banking System (PBS)
Professional Share Management System (PSMS) Human Resource Management Information System (HURMIS)
Professional Games Management Information System for VIII South Asian Federation Games (PGMIS) Existing MIS study and proposal on future action  plan regarding MIS of Nepal Electricity Authority
Software design and development of Local Election  Results 2054.  Data Transfer System Between Macintosh and IBM
Professional Stock Broker System MasterCard Front-end System for Banks
Detailed System Study on developing an Integrated Land Information System in Nepal Essential Commodities Databank System (ECDS)

       Summary of Major PCS Projects & Products  

Value Added Tax (VAT) Project 
At the first phase Harvard Institute of International Development (HIID), USA had designed and developed the VAT system for Nepal under the financing from USAID. PCS was involved at a later stage for coding and implementation. The software has been developed in Foxpro for Windows on Windows NT LAN system. The system is able to handle bilingual (English, Devnagari scripts) inputs/outputs. The system was initially envisaged as centralized system at VAT department. The system is currently being implemented and run by PCS for the last 18 months. The implementation of the system has been funded by DANIDA (Danish Dev. Agency) 

PCS has expanded the system to work from 17 district VAT offices outside VAT Department spread all over the country, as a distributed system. With this expansion, district offices are able to enter their own data, and get their local office data from their own office. The daily transactions are sent to the head office using email and integrated with the national database on a daily basis. The use of email with file attachments has been done in order to take care of unavailable proper infrastructure outside Kathmandu valley at an economic rate. 

Visualizing the weakness of Foxpro like Database tools for such a massive national database and looking for more reliable and sustainable DBMS, DANIDA has now given the responsibility of redesigning and developing the VAT system for Nepal to PCS with client-server architecture on ORACLE 8 platform. PCS is using Designer 2000 and Developer 2000 in designing and developing the application. One system designer from PCS has obtained authorized training from Oracle Corp, India on Designer 2000 in this regard. Use of virtual private network (VPN) has been envisaged for the data communication backbone. The new project is undergoing testing stage.

Mrs. Lene Bendix,
Technical Advisor,
VAT Project Office, Kantipath,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: +977-1-244715

Integrated Voters Registration System (IVRS) for Election Commission 
Election Commission of Nepal has the responsibility of yearly updating voters database for the whole country each year. There are about 14 Million voter records at present.
PCS has analyzed, designed, developed and implemented the Integrated Voters Registration System for Election Commission, Nepal. The system has been implemented in a LAN system with client-server architecture with IBM RS 6000/AIX and DB2 RDBMS as Server and Foxpro for Windows as the client application development tool. The system is in operation for the last 2 years and PCS has been providing the maintenance support for the system. The voters database is about 6 GB, which is the largest database in Nepal. Devnagari script is used in the system for input/output of data. This system is also currently undergoing system modifications and decentralizing the data input and outputs facilities also being provided to be done at district levels. Visual Basic is used for the front end software development.

Matrika P. Shrestha
Senior Computer Officer,
Election Commission,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
Phone: +977-1-230491

Professional Games Management Information System (PGMIS) for VIII SAF Games 
PGMIS is a Games Management Information System designed and developed for VIII South Asia Federation Games held in Kathmandu from 25 September to 4 October, 1999.
VIII SAF GamesThe system covers areas such as registration of players, officials and VIPs participating in the games, scheduling of games, assignment of resources, match results information. The information system was developed with Oracle as its backend database management system and the information was made available in Intranet for accessing by organizers and in the Internet for accessing by general public. Designer 2000, Developer 2000, Visual C++, Cold Fusion, HTML were some of other tools in use. Windows NT was the networking operating system in use. The network consisted of about 60 nodes in 20 different location where data input and information access was being done at the same time. About 20 development staff were engaged at the same time for 4 months.





Contact Person:
Mr. Rukma S. Rana
Nepal Olympic Committee,
Phone: +977-1-373766



Election Results Information System (ERIS)

PCS have designed, developed and implemented the Election Results processing and dissemination system for the house of representative election in 1999.
Election CommisionThe election results obtained from the counting stations of the districts were fed into the system and results were disseminated through intranet and internet. The Nepal television and Space Time Network(a cable network in Nepal) broadcasted live the results obtained from the system. Windows NT, LAN network was used in the Election Commission and remote access servers were used to access the intranet set up at the Election Commission. Foxpro for Windows was used to maintain election results database. Cold fusion was used to develop the web server application. Web pages were published both at website in USA and in Nepal. The election results were being retrieved not only in Nepal but also all over the world instantly. The project was funded by International Foundation for Election System (IFES), USA. The web site for the Nepalís Election Commission, which includes the house of representative election results 1999, is:

Contact Person:
Mr. Neel K. Uprety,
Project Manager,
Election Commission, Kantipath,
Kathmandu, NepalPhone: +977-1-230871
Email: neil@mos.com.np
The similar project was also done for Election Commission in 1994 also but without Internet and Intranet systems.

Professional Banking System (PBS) 
Professional Banking System is a software solution of PCS for the banking sector in Nepal
.Lumbini Bank It consists of different modules for deposits, loans, backoffice accounting, cash system, draft & remittance, signature validation, L/C Reporting for different branches. The solution was developed in dbase IV for Novell netware LAN environment. PBS has been implemented in Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. (5 branches) and Lumbini Bank (6 branches). The software has also been modified to make it suitable for finance companies in Nepal. The finance company software is installed at Shree Investment and Finance Co. in Kathmandu. PCS is currently upgrading PBS on Oracle platform with web enabled banking features as well.

Contact Person:
Mr. Pradeep Pant,
System Manager,
Lumbini Bank, Narayangarh.
Phone: +977-56-21919
Email: lumbini@mos.com.np 

Professional Share Management System (PSMS)
PSMS is an useful software application designed and developed by PCS for Nepalese public limited companies. It takes care of all the share holders information of the company and their share transfers. It has features for dividend distribution, annual general meeting handling and all the reports required by the companies management and company registrarís office in Nepal.  The software has been developed in Foxpro for Windows and has options for signature validation. It can run in both stand alone or networking mode. The software is installed in many large companies of Nepal. There are more than 14 installations of PSMS in Nepal. Some of the companies who are using PSMS are: Nepal SBI Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, NIDC Capital Market, Nepal Merchant Bank, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Hotel Soaltee Crown Plaza, Everest Insurance Company, SriRam Sugar Mills. PCS is upgrading PSMS in GUI environment.   


Human Resources Management Information System (HURMIS)

Human Resourse Management SystemHuman Resources Management Information system is a full featured Management Information system package developed by us. HURMIS was originally designed for Nepal Electricity Authority but however it is customizable to suite any organization. The information system (HURMIS) was developed using Windows NT, Oracle 8x and developer 2000 as platforms. The system features include full MIS package, fully customizable secured system  and a dual English/Nepali date format.







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