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Our name is not our attraction but it is for those who appreciate only the best.

Restaurant Situated in the heart of the bustling city, a completely new place to be, with the spectacular KARAOKE to soothe you ears into the enchanting evening. Symbolizing a style so very cordial we've been practicing perfection everyday. Mind blowing cocktails to choose from a bar that has its own international elegance and style, coupled by the terrace barbecue - sure can blow your mind.
Roof Top Restaurant A unique rooftop excitement - a haven of natural feelings and amenities for leisure and entertainment, including the cascading water falls and the chirping bird - all too glamorous and refreshing. Start with a variety of restaurant to suit every palate. Like Doublee Restaurant & Bar for fine, sumptons gourmet delights. Our recipe for success means appealing to all tastes. For all the brilliance of a connoisseurs' taste, we are proud to have an open kitchen so distinctive, yet so real, combined with the gracious hospitality by our friendly staff.

Instead of fancying from this, why not visit Doublee while you are in Kathmandu and see the whole picture yourself.

Ratna Plaza, Dharma Path, P.O.Box-1223
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: (977-1) 247-373

... Fun & Excitement at it's peak ...