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Mt.Kailash 14 days

Mt. Kailash, the sacred mountain and the abode of the hindu god Shiva is on of the world's greatest pilgrimage destinations especially for Hindus, Buddhist, Jains and others. The breathtaking beauty of this sacred mountain and the holy lake of Mansarover along with ruins of 9th Century of Guge Kingdom in far Western Tibet is a reward of a life time to experience. This trip begins with a spectacular overland scenic drive from Kathmandu to Nyalam. Drive across the high Tibetan Plateau along with wild countryside including gushing streams, snow covered passes and vast plain with herds of yak and campsite of Nomads. This holy trip is more like voyages of adventure, discovery and spiritual contentment.

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Day 01.:

Drive from Kathmandu to Kodari, boarder area of Nepal and Tibet. Complete immigration formalities in Nepal side and drive in a van to Zhangmu (3900m) for 1 hr. Complete the visa and permit formalities & further drive 2 hrs to Nyalum (4100m). Overnight in guesthouse.
Day 02.:
Drrive from Nyalum to Peigutso Lake( 4300m).Drive 221 KM 7/8 hrs. 1 st overnight in camp. Visit on the way old Milareppa Monastery. Cross Lalunga Pass (5050m) on the way.
Day 03. : Drive from Peigutso to Tsongba (Saga). Drive 115 km 6/7 hrs. Overnight in tent.
Day 04. : Drive from Tsongba (Saga) to Paryang. Drive 185km 7/8 hrs. Overnight in tent.
Day 05. : Drive from Paryang to Manasarober. Drive 277 km 8 hrs. Overnight in tent.
Day 06. :
Drive from Mansarober to Darchen (4650m). Drive 30 km in 1 Overnight in guesthouse. Optional tour to Goshul Gompa and Ganga Chu.
Day 07-09.: Trek around Kailash (Parikrama). Overnight in Lake Mansarober.
Day 10.: Drive from Lake Mansarober to Paryang. Overnight in tent.
Day 11.: Drive to Tsongba ( Saga ). Overnight in tent.
Day 12.: Drive to Peigutso Lake. Overnight in tent
Day 13.: Drive to Zhangmu. Zhangmu hotel
Day 14.: Drive to KTM.

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