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On April 12, 1996, His Majesty's Government declared the year 1998 as Visit Nepal '98 in order to further enhance the image of Nepal as a special destination for the visitors. To accomplish the program objectives, various organizations and  agencies both within and outside the tourism industry, have come together hand in hand to formulate a strategy to make Visit Nepal '98, a success. 

The program strategy has been formed taking into consideration that:

  • more airlines will operate more international flights by 1998 and more airline seat capacity will be available
  • there will be an atmosphere conducive for traveling internationally
  • there will not be major socio-political instability in the region
  • there will be political stability and current tourism policies will continue its direction
  • programs and activities so designed shall have an infrastructure to handle the expected number of visitor arrivals

The program demands the undertaking and co-ordination of activities by different organizations in the tourism sector, i.e. government and private, other business sectors of the economy, other sectors of government, municipalities and local governments, NGOs, International organizations, self-help groups and most importantly the involvement of the people of Nepal.

Peoples participation is a key factor for the success of Visit Nepal '98. Between now and 1998, it is necessary to create an exciting festive atmosphere in Nepal. In Nepal, there are many significant cultural, religious, national and regional festivals which will be of interest for visitors. In addition, it is proposed to create special events for implementation during 1998.


The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal is known as a unique natural and cultural destination in the Tourism map of the world. The outstanding diversities of nature and culture existing here are second to none. The most exhilarating titles with which Nepal has been admired and praised by various  renowned travel authors in recognition of her cultural richness, viz., Living cultural Museum,  Shangri-la, Roof of the World, Birth place of the Apostle of Peace, Country of Living  Goddess, City of Golden Pagodas & Parasols, Himalayan Pilgrimage, Wildest Dream of  Kew, Melting pot of Hinduism and Buddhism, A tiny Kingdom of thirty-six ethnic groups  and seventy-five spoken languages, Birth place of Sita, Abode of Shiva, Land of non-stop  festivals etc. are explicit and self-explanatory. They tell the world about our incomparable & prosperous culture heritage. This Calendar of Events & Activities only provides a glimpse of it. This calendar does not cover all the activities. This will be updates three months prior to the launch of Visit Nepal '98 programs. 

Nepal as a nation has resolved to revitalize her tourism industry. Tourism in Nepal is the most important sector of the economy after agriculture, and contributes substantially to uplifting the quality of life of her people. As a socio-economic activity, tourism touches the life of every Nepali citizen in one way or another.

Officially declared by His Majesty's Government, "Visit Nepal '98" is today a policy priority for Nepal, to uplift the quality of products and services offered to our visitors. Through this effort, Nepal endeavors to achieve higher yields from tourism. Nepal not only will invite more visitors, but will strive to improve its infrastructure, address issues of environmental degradation and seek to have more quality visitors.Visitors such as you, who are sensitive to preserving the destination's natural and cultural heritage will pay the right price for right value.

"Visit Nepal '98" is the launching pad we have to achieve this objective. It is not just a year when Nepal will have festivities. We invite you to visit us and have new products on offer. It is our industry's combined resolve to work towards a process to ensure that we deliver quality in our products, excellence in service, fully involve all our citizens in tourism and obtain the most yield from it to benefit our country, our people, our business partners and our visitors.

Our Theme and Slogan

Our theme for "Visit Nepal '98" is "A sustainable habitat through sustainable tourism" and our marketing slogan is "Visit Nepal '98 - A world of its own". The theme highlights the need to make tourism work better for Nepal and ensures the development of environmentally sound products, improvement of our service standards and distribution of the benefits of tourism to our people in the cities and the remotest regions alike. The marketing slogan tells you that there is a 'world' in Nepal that you need to discover or further explore for yourself. We remind you that our natural resources are unique and that our heritage is living. Our people are friendly and hospitable and our product range is diverse. We invite you to visit us to discover or re-explore the unique 'world' out here.

Specific Objectives

The objectives we need to achieve are:

A lot of work has already been done in Nepal by the government, the tourism industry and all other related sectors to achieve these objectives. A lot more will be done between now and 1998. The success of our efforts also depend greatly on your invaluable support.

Together, We Can Do It!

We know you love Nepal, we know you care about this country and our people. Who else but you can be a better Ambassador for Nepal out there in the world arena.

We need to work together, to make "Visit Nepal '98" an occasion for massive participation through mutual understanding and involvement. All systems in Nepal are geared to offer the highest priority to "Visit Nepal '98" project.

Courtesy: Visit Nepal'98 Secretariat, Minstry of Tourism & Civil Aviation
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