Calendar of Festivals, Events & Activities of
January & February







January 1 Thursday

Official Opening of Visit Nepal 1998 (VNY'98).


Welcome Tourists at the Airport by offering garlands, Souvenirs. Street Illumination.

VNY'98 Main Committee


January 1 Thursday

First visitor to each hotel will be offered complimentary accommodation for the day.





January - December

Bhajan Kirtan

Pashupatinath Temple, Gujeshwari Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Krishna Mandir Temple

Religious hymns & devotional songs throughout the year in the mornings. Entrance to Pashupati -nath & Gujeshawari Temples are only for Hindus.

January - December


Swayambhunath Temple, Macchindrabahal, Ason Dublee, Nhyakantala/KTM

Buddhist religious chanting & devotional songs.

Gyanmala Bhajan Khalak & Other local Dapa Khala

Morning in the Swayambhunath Temple & night hymns at other temples.

January 1-10

Book Exhibition

Thamel ,KTM

Books on development in Nepal

Tiwari Pilgrims Book House Thamel


January 11-14

Gorkha Festival


Chariot procession of Founder of Nation - Late Prithivi Narayan Shah. Folk dance, ethnic dress competition, food festival, staging of open theater, Gorkha Khukuri dance & other exciting activities.

Center For Gorkha Study & Community Cultural Tour. VNY Gorkha Committee

Jan. - Dec.

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples(50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

Every month(3 camps) 1-7, 10-16, 20-26

Jan 10-15

International Folk Dance Festival



Sports Dev. Nepal


Jan 11 Sunday

Prithivi Jayanti

All over the Kingdom

National unity day. King Prithivi Narayan Shah's (Founder of modern Nepal) Birthday.

GOs and NGOs

Promote the national interest

Jan12 Monday

Swosthani brata

All over the Kingdom

Hindu Devotees keep fasting and offer puja to Lord Shiva. The ritual lasts for one month

Hindu families.

Ritual for happy conjugal life

Jan 17-19

Adventure Travel Mart, Asia (ATMA'98)

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM


House of Rajkarnicar


Jan 24 Saturday

Sattila Ekadasi Brata

Fair in Sankhu / Kath.

Holy dip in Sati river in Sankhu, Ktm.   Local festival

Jan 28 Wednesday

Amabasya (Madhav Narayan Mella)

Kath/Aryaghat, Butwal, Triveni (Parasi)

Holy bath, charity.   Local festival

Jan 29 Thursday

Martyr's day

All over the kingdom

Pay homage and tributes to His late Majesty King Tribhuvan and to known and unknown martyrs.

GOs and NGOs.

National Event

February 1 Sunday

Shree Panchami

All over the kingdom

Holy recitation by priests about the advent of Spring. In KTM a religious function is held at the courtyard of historic Hanuman Dhoka. HM also graces the function. This day also marks beginning of the academic career of Hindu & Buddhist children of KTM. National Festival


Bhaktapur Shri Panchami Mela

Bhaktapur, Narayan Chok

The Newars of Bhaktapur organise a mass Iheen , a ritual to marry girls with bell fruits.

Bhaktapur Municipality

Throughout the month.

Feb - Mar

Loshar Festival Throughout the country esp. in hills & Lama community Tibetan New Year Day. Lots of feasts & festivities.    

Feb 7 Saturday

Bhima Ekadasi Brata   Lord Vishnu Worshipped. Religious procession.

Devotees keep fasting.


Feb 11 Wednesday

Purnima Brata / Swasthani Brata

All over the kingdom.

Observed as a final day of the month long offerings of puja to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Magh Sankaranti. Devotees in and around KTM also make a beeline for a holy spot Salinadi river at Saankhu eight mile NE of KTM on this full moon day.

Feb 13 Friday

Fagun Sankranti

All over the kingdom

Color festival of Hindus.   First day in Hills. The following day in Terai.

Feb 13 Friday

Toran - la

Thak Khola, Mustang & Thakali inhibitat areas

Feast, festival & archery in honor of departed souls. Ethnic festival

Feb 19 Thursday

Democracy day

All over the kingdom.

Also King Tribhuvan's Birth Anniversary. On this historic day King Tribhuvan, Father of Nation, brought about revolutionary democratic changes in Nepal and brought an end to the Rana Regime. National Event

Feb 21 Saturday

International Tourist Guide Day


To be celebrated with different activities



February 25, Wednesday


All over the Kingdom.

Greatest religious festival of the Hindus. Hindu pilgrims from within the country and from India come to Kath. to pay homage to Lord Pashupatinath-the guardian deity of Nepal. Grand fair held at the temple area. National Festival

February 25, Wednesday


Accham -a far west district of Nepal

In the far west of Nepal; in -Accham, 'Deuda' dance is famous. The whole area is illuminated by burning pine splendors & appears to be a dream land. Regional Festival

Feb 27 Friday

International Car Rally Championship


Sports Development Nepal    

Feb 28 Saturday

International Marathon


Marathon Championship

Association of International Marathon Org.

Feb 28 Saturday

Tree Plantation


Tree Plantation on Memorial Parks

Hotel Mt. Monastery



A Thousand & One Lights Festival

Buddhist Stupa of Bodhnath

Buddhists from the Tibetan & Nepalese Himalayas visit KTM to conduct trade & to worship valley's ancient & sacred shrines of Lord Buddha.

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