Calendar of Festivals, EVvnts & Activities of
July & August







July 5 Sunday

Harisayani Ekadasi Brata

All over the Kingdom

Two Ekadashies in a month. Out of 24 Ekadashies - this is holiest. The first day of Lord Vishnu's slumber in King Bali's Palace. Lord Vishnu would awake after four months. Tulsi saplings are planted and worshipped.

July 9 Thursday

Guru Purnima - Preceptors' Day

All over the Kingdom.

Teachers are honoured with gifts of sweets and flowers and artists and artisans bless their tools of trade and rest them for the day.

July 13 Monday

Bhanu Jayanti

All over the Kingdom

Celebration of the Birthday of the first poet of Nepalese literature. Pioneer of modern Nepali language.

July 15-30

Basic Mt. Training


15 Fifteen local students take part



July 17 Friday

Shrawan Sankranti & Kandarak Puja

All over the Kingdom.

1st day of the fourth month of Nep. Vikram Era. Marks the beginning of the new Fiscal Year. Climax of the rainy season. People suffering from skin deseases believe to get rid of it by throwing fire torches at night. Kandarak (the Night God) is worshipped

July 21 Tuesday

Ganta karan Gathamanga


Local boys of the city erect a busy shed at every cross-road and ask for contribution from the passers-by. Traditional last day of rice transplanting, celebrate the death of demon call Ghanta -Karna or Bell -ears.

July 28 Tuesday


All over the Kingdom

An important festival to worship serpents and paste picture snake God at the door of every house in Nepal with the belief that this will help prevent the entry of evils into the house.    

July 28 Tuesday

Snake Painting Competition

Nagdaha & Taudaha, KTM

School painting exhibition of snakes & serpents in view of conservation of reptiles & its habitats. The exhibition will be held in Nagdaha, a legendry abode of snake god .


Programme to be confirmed.

July 29 Wednesday

Cargo Day


Cargo day celebaration with different activities



July - Aug


KTM / Swayambhu

Traditional musical procession every early morning around Swayambhu Stupa.

Month long programme.

Ethnic Festival

August 8 Saturday

Gun Pooni

KTM Valley

Newari community cook a delicious soup made of nine different kinds of beans, called 'Kwati' . Ethnic Festival

August 8 Saturday

Gai Jatra

All over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley.

Amost colourful religious procession of cows and people with peculiar head dress painted as figures of cows goes round the market places. Relatives of the deceased of that year send religious groups to join the procession. The day is also marked as a conventionally free day to point out & criticise the social & political aberations.

August 8 Saturday

Janai Purnima

All over the Kingdom

Brahmins change their holy thread after taking holy dips in a nearby river. A religious Fair in Gosain Kunda -four days walk from Ktm at the altitude of 16000 ft. Wearing of holy thread round the wrists. Women folk the left, men folk the right wrist. 'Kwanti', a special curry dish eaten on the occasion.

August 9-14,

Sa : Paru - Gayeejatra


A unique Cultural merry making week at Bhaktapur Local Festival

Augsut 14 Friday

Shree Krishna Janmastami

All over the Kingdom

Hindus observe it by remaining awake the whole night performing religious dances and singing in the praise of Lord Krishna. Night of round Lord Krishna's incarna-tion. Mythological dances are held.

17 Aug-16Sept

Kaligandaki Thakali Cultural Month


Month-long religious and cultural activities of Thakali community celebrating Yak race, Horse race, Archery, Traditional games, Handicraft shows, Lama Dance and other musical events.

Mustang VNY'98 Committee (Hari Tulachan)

Month long Thakali Cultural Programme.

August 20 Thursday

Bal Diwas

All over the kingdom

Seminars, meetings, sports, Fair etc. organised in consideration of childrens' wlefare. Nepal Childrens' Organisation (Bal Mandir) and schools.

August 22 Saturday

Babuko Mukh Herne

All over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley.

It's a Father's Day. Sons and daughters offer sweetmeat & other gifts to their father. Local Festival

August 22 Saturday

Gokarne Aunsi

Gokarna, KTM

Special day set apart for the veneration of one's father & offer puja & dip in the holy river in the memory of late father.

August 25 Tuesday

Haritalika Teej Brata

All over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley. Lord Pashupatinath's temple.

Greatest festival of Hindu Women. Three days long. 1st day eating of delicious food, 2nd day they keep fasting and the 3rd day worship Gods and Goddesses. Sumptuous feasts followed by tormenting fasts.

August 27 Thursday

Rishi Panchami Brata

All over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley.

Final day of the Teej, women visit the temples wearing their red wedding attires and gold ornaments. Hindu women celebrate this festival for a blissful conjugal life. For an unmarried woman, observance of Teej ensures a good, loving and caring husband.


Panjran - ( Pancha Daan)


Rice,Paddy,beans,wheat,salt,broom,rope,needle & thread and sugar are offered to Bajracharyas & Shakyas observing the rain retreat. Buddhist festival of charity, benevolence and magnanimity. Date to be confirmed

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