Calendar of Festivals, Events & Activities of
May & June







May 1 Friday

Painting Exhibition


Water Colour Painting Show entitled "Future of Medival Past".

Madan Chitrakar


May 1 - 7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples(50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

The same programme will be organised again from May 20 - 26.

May 1 Friday

Majdur Diwas

All over the Kingdom

Labourers Day. Industries, factories and workshops.  

May 6 - 7

Leaf offering ceremony


Worshipping of Lord Shiva. Sight seeing at Kalu Pandey Monument & other cultural activities.

VNY Gorkha Committee. Centre For Gorkha Study And Community Cultural Tour.

May 7 Thursday

Mohini Ekadasi Brata

In the premises of Lord Vishnu's temples.

Lord Vishnu once became an attractive woman to deceive the demons. Devotees keep fasting and worship Lord Vishnu.

May 7 - 11

Himalayan Expo '98

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM


House of Rajkarnicar


May 11 Monday

Buddha Jayanti

All over the Kingdom

The day Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini - The same day, a full moon day, Buddha attained enlighten-ment in Bodhgaya and also it was on the same day he passed away into Nirvana. Also called the thrice - blessed day. In KTM valley

Dharmodaya Shabha, Lumbini Development Trust & Other Buddhist Religious Associations.

Siddharthanagar Municipality Observes Gautam Buddha Jayanti districtly. In KTM, also called 'Swanya Punhi' - a full moon day of flowers.
      with the image of Lord Buddha mounted on a decorated elephant. Candles and butter lamps lighted at night.

May 15 Friday

Jestha Sankranti

Hindu temples

The first day of the month Jestha. Visit temples.    

May 15 - 19

Education, Training & Career (ETC'98)

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM


House of Rajkarnicar


May 22 Friday

Apara Ekadashi

Hindu temples

Keep fasting and perform chants of holy scripts.    

May 25 Monday

Amabasya Bat Sabitri Brata

Hills & Terai alike

Legends have it that Sabitri was a loyal wife. Sabitri is worshipped on this day by Hindu housewives under the 'Fycus(Bat)' tree. They keep fasting at night.

May 29 Friday

Everest Day


The occation to be observed with different activities




Nepal Cup (Cricket Match)


Regional Cricket Match between India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Nepal

Aries Adertising

Date to be confirmed.

June 1 Monday

Mountaineering Memorial Park


Opening of the Mt. Memorial Park by Angrita Sherpa



June 4 Thursday


Ridi / Palpa

Also called Ganga Dashara. Holy Bath.Final Day of Rameswar worship. Fair.  

June 5 Friday

Nirjala Ekadhasi. Tulsi Bijaropan.

Hindu families

Keep fasting . Some devotees even do not drink water. Tulsi seeds sawn. Lord Vishnu worshipped.

June 9 Tuesday

Purnima Brata

Hindu families

Worship moon. Childless parents believe to be blessed with children.  

June 15 Monday

Ashar Sankranti

Hindus all over the Kingdom

First day of the Month. Hindus visit temples.    

June 15 Monday

Mountain Museum


The first phase of Mt. Museum to be opened


Exact date to be confirmed

June 20 Saturday

Yogini Ekadasi

Hindu families

Fasting & Charity by Hindus.    

June 23 Tuesday


Hindu families

Holy bath, charity, worship moon, fasting at night by Hindus.  

June 29 Monday

Ropain Mahotsav(Paddy Festival)

Sankhuwa Sabha, Bana Village

This is in fact a festival observed by the agrarian people all over the Kingdom to mark the first day of Paddy Cultivation. The cultivators play with the mud & perform singing and dancing in the muddy farm. In Bana VDC race, plantation,tilling,

Nepal Hill Area Development Foundation


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