Calendar of Festivals, Events & Activities of
November - December







November 1-7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

The same program will be organized again from November 20 - 26.

November 3 Sunday

Shaki Mela Puni

KTM valley

Worshipping of goddess Moon by Newar community for family happiness & prosperity.  

November 6 Friday

Street Festival


To create an environment of entertainment for people to make them participate Visit Nepal' 98.

Nov 7 - 8

Manakamana Festival


Pilgrimage to Manakamana, one of the most sacred deities of Hindus.

VNY Gorkha Committee. Center For Gorkha Study And Community Cultural Tour.

November 8 Sunday

Queen's Birthday        

November 9 Monday

Constitution day        

November 15 Sunday

Ram Janaki Festival


The week to be observed with different activities

DOT & Local concerned bodies


3rd week

Weeding with Vaidic Rituals




Date to be confirmed

November 17 Tuesday

Nasa Boylgoo


Food Grain Festival. The food grains are artistically arranged in front of every temple. Bhajan is also recited. This festival is observed in night time.

November 17 Tuesday

Magh Sankranti

Throughout the Kingdom

One of the holiest days in Nepali religious calendar of the Hindus. People take holy bath in the wee hours of the morning, mostly at river confluence's. In KTM, Sankhamool is such holy bathing spot. People eat specially sweetened sesame balls, yam-tuber Local Festival
      followed by khichari, a cooked mixture of rice, lentils and spices on that day. Fairs organized. Famous one is Maai-Beni Mela in Ilaam.

Nov 20-25

Book Exhibition

Thamel KTM

Books having universal appeal

Tiwaris Pilgrims Book House


November 29 Sunday

Lumbini Food Festival


Lumbini week to be observed with different activities




Gujeswari Jatra

KTM / Gujeswari Temple

Deities in this temple are made of solid gold & silver & highly regarded as secret goddess. Fair organized on the day of Jatra. Only for Hindu Devotees.


Sita Bibaha Panchami

Janakpur / Mithila

Celebration of Sita's Marriage with Lord Rama. Cultural, agrarian & commercial exhibitions & also a fair which lasts for a week. A time for resounding business. Regional Festival



Mithila / Terai Region of Nepal

Biggest festival of womenfolk in Terai. Holy bath & fasting. Worship Sun God for the long life of their husbands & for the peace & prosperity of their families.

December 1 Tuesday

Lumbini Festival


Lumbini festival to be observed for peace, brotherhood and non- violence.



Dec. 3 - 9

International Elephant Polo Championship

Tiger Mountain, Chitwan

A unique and first of its kind of International Elephant Polo in Chitwan National Park. This match will be participated by well known personalities.

Tiger Mountain


December 3 Thursday

Yamari Puja

All over the Kingdom esp. Kathmandu.

Harvesting of new rice is complete. Cook rice and eat. Worship 'Annadev' (God of crops). Mainly the Hindu farmers observe it. Ethnic Festival

Dec 7-15

International Ballooning Festival


Hot Air Balloons from different parts of the world will be competing in this event.

Sunrise Ballooning Company


December 14 Monday

Safala Ekadasi   Fasting and offerings of pooja for accomplishment.



December 16 Wednesday

Poush Sankranti   First day of the month Pousha. Visit temples and worship.  

December 18 Friday

Amawasya   Amawashya nights are the nights devotees go without eating.  

December 29 Tuesday

HM King's Birthday   Observed as a National Day. Cultural, social and developmental programs held.

GOs and NGOs , throughout the Kingdom.



Bhimsen Puja All over Kingdom esp. Newar inhibited areas. Puja offered to Lord Bhimsen for the prosperity of business.  
  South East Asia Classic Car Rally    


Date to be confirmed
  Wild Life Tourism

Annapurna Area



  International Triathlon competition

Pokhara Baidam


Nepal Triathlon Association

Date to be confirmed
  Durbar Marga Street Festival

Durbar Marg

Durbar Marga Street festival

Durbar Marga Club and REBAN

Date to be confirmed
  Festival Pokhara




HAN Pokhara Chapter
  Cultural program

Annapurna Area



Date to be confirmed

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