Calendar of Festivals, Events & Activities of
September - October







September 1 - 7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

The same program will be organized again from September 20 - 26.

September 2 Wednesday

Hariparibartini Ekadasi

Hindu devotees.

Begins second month of Lord Vishnu's sleep in Baliraja's palace. Maintain holiness and perform worship and charity.

September 2 Wednesday

Indra Jatra Festival

Indrachowk , KTM

A week long festival begins by hoisting Lord Indra's flag (Indradhoj) at midnight and faces of Bhairavas deities are displayed in important public places. Whole week various Bhaku, Lakhe, Mahakali, Bhairab, Pulukisi masked dances are performed in Durbar Square & surrounding streets.

September 5 Saturday

Kumari Jatra - Kone - ya

Kohity, KTM

Chariot of living goddess Kumari & Bhairabas & Ganesha are pulled in downtown of Kathmandu. The procession is graced by the presence of His Majesty King. Regional Festival

September 6 Sunday

Kumari Jatra - Thahene -ya

Ason - Indrachowk, KTM

Similar religious processions is carried out in Kathmandu Midtown.  

September 6 Sunday

Purnima Brata

Hindu devotees.

Worship moon and keep fast. Pray for accomplishment. Ethnic Festival

September 8 Tuesday

Nani - cha - ya

Bhedashing - Kilagal, KTM

Final rituals of the holy chariot procession.   Local Festival

Sept 11 Friday

International Motorbike Rally Championship



Sports Development Nepal


Sept 12 Saturday

Miss Nepal 1998


Miss Nepal Beauty Peagant



Sept 14-21

Book Exhibition

Thamel KTM

Antique Books

Tiwari Pilgrim Book House


Sept 16 Wednesday

Indira Ekadasi   Devotees keep fast and perform charity.    

Sept 16 - 22

Dashain Utsav

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM


House of Rajkarnicar


Sept 18-27

International Invitational Football Tournament


Invitational International Football Tournament.

Sports Dev. Nepal


Sept 21-22

International Gulf Championship


18 Holes Gulf

L.M.Suvir Brothers


September 21 Monday


All over the Kingdom.

Beginning of the greatest festival 'Dasain', lasts for nine days. Sowing of maize & barley -'Jamara' National Festival

Sept - Oct.

Music Festival

National Stadium

Musical extra-vaganza from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Music Craft, Bombay & Aries Advertising

Date to be confirmed
Sept 25 - Oct 4 Himalayan International White Water Competition


Various int'l Rafting Associations will participate with a slogan of Trishuli '98. The competition includes Slalom Raft, Slalom Kayak, Down River Race, Triathlon & River Rescue


Detailed program to be finalized

Sept 25 Friday

Chef Competition and Food Festival


Best Chef of the Year competition.



Sept 27 Sunday

World Tourism Day


Welcome of the visitors at the int'l airport by Travel Trade Associations and Food Festival organized by REBAN.



Sept 28 - Oct 1

Gorkha Dasai Festival


Royal Army parade, Fulpati, procession to Gorkha Durbar and other activities of religious & cultural interest.

VNY Gorkha Committee. Center For Gorkha Study And Community Cultural Tour .

Sept 28 Monday


All over the Kingdom

Real festival becomes visible. Brahmins go to Gorkha Durbar and bring flowers etc. from the shrine there and is then placed in Pooja room of Hanuman Dhoka. HM and other members of the Royal family witness the Army parade and accept the Guard of Honor. National Festival

Sept 28 Monday

Kite Festival

KTM Valley

To mark this festival every household fly kites from their house-roofs &a kite competition is held at Tundikhel.

Sept 29 Tuesday

Maha Asthami

All over the Kingdom

Eighth Day of the festival. Animals (goats, buffaloes and ducks and chickens) sacrificed in the temples of Goddess Durga and also at homes. Offering of sacrifices continue on the ninth day too. National Festival

Sept 30 Wednesday

Mahanawami, Syako-Tyako

All over the Kingdom

It is known for the blood sacrifices made in Hanuman Dhoka, Ktm. Worth seeing Hanuman Dhoka Animal Sacrifices.

October 1-7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

The same program will be organized again from October 20 - 26.

October 1 Thursday

Vijaya Dasami Tika

All over the Kingdom. Hindus.

Elders and seniors in each Hindu house mark the foreheads of juniors with 'Tika' or red color mark. Respectable relatives are visited. Feasts are held. A lot of festivities. National Festival

October 1, Thursday

Mohani ya Swon Kokayagoo

Bhaktapur, Bramhayani

Worshipping of Navdurga goddess by burning threads on oil lamps all over the human body. A unique feature of devotion and mind concentration.


Pachali Bhairab Festival

Pachali, Kathmandu

Marked with traditional music, religious ceremonies, gifts of all kinds including meat, rice bear and blood of goats and fowl. Continue throuh out the night.

Local Devotees.

Ethnic Festival . Date to be confirmed.

Oct 2 Friday

Papa-kush Ekadasi

All over the Kingdom.

Holy bath, keep fasting, perform charity for salvation - by Hindus.  

Oct 5 Monday

Kojagrat Purnima

All over the Kingdom.

Goddess of wealth 'Laxmi' is believed to come down to earth. Keep awake. Offer puja. Lamps hoisted on the pole called 'Akashdeep'. Some gamble and try their luck.

Oct 5 Monday

International Cycling Competition



Sports Dev. Nepal


Oct 16 Friday

Rama Ekadasi Brata   For the happiness of the family Goddess Rama (better half of Lord Vishnu) worshipped).  

Oct 16-17

Kite Flying Competition





Oct 18 Sunday

Kag (crow) Tihar, Kartik Sankranti

All over the Kingdom.

The second great festival of the Hindus begins called Tihar. - a festival of lights. For five days from this day, the houses and buildings are illuminated with lamps. This first day is marked by worshipping 'crows'. National Festival

October 18 Sunday

Kartik Mela


Famous Masked Dance in Patan called Kartikae Dance at Patan Durbar Square. Month long cultural activities from 18 Oct - 16 Nov.

Oct - Nov.

Budhanilkantha Mela


A month long religious festival at slumber abode of Lord Narayana in Budhanilkantha  

October 19 Monday

Kukur (dog) puja, Narak Chaturdasi,

All over the Kingdom. Hindus.

The second day of the Tihar festival. The 'dog' is worshipped in the morning and is given good food to eat.

October 19 Monday

Laxmi Pooja - Festival of Lights

All over the Kingdom.

Worship of goddess of Wealth celebrate with great pomp and grandeur. Worth seeing in urban centers like Bhairahawa & Biratnagar. Siddharthanagar Municipality Cele-brates Laxmi Puja attractively and in an unique manner.

Oct 21 Wednesday

Mha Puja

All over the Kingdom & in the Newar community.

Self worshipping festival.    

Oct 21 Wednesday

Nhu - da (Nepal Sambat-1119)

Throughout the country in Newar Community

Celebration of Nepal Sambat Year 1127 by organizing various elaborated social and cultural processions. This is the beginning of Lunar Calendar.

Oct 21 Wednesday

Gai (cow) Puja, Gobardhan Puja

All over the Kingdom. Hindus.

This year the day of the Worshipping of cows and bulls fall on the same day. Hindus worship cows and regard this animal as mother. National Festival

Oct 22 Thursday

Bhai Tika

All over the Kingdom. Hindus.

Last day of 'Tihar'. sisters mark their brothers' foreheads with Tika (or marks of various colors and offer them garlands and sweets and pray for their long life and prosperity. National Festival

Oct 24 Friday

United Nation Day


Seminars / Sports events



Oct 31 Saturday

Haribhodhini Ekadasi

Fair at Ridi / Palpa and Devghat (Chitwan)

Four months of Lord Vishnu's slumber completed. Devotees observe the wedding of Holy plant Tulshi with Lord Vishnu. Keep fasting maintain holiness and perform charity. Local Festival


Mahalaxmi Village Puja In & around KTM Agrarian festival. Rejoicing on the storage of autumn harvest.  

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