Tansen - Palpa Trip

Tansen - Palpa

All seasons

The township of Tansen bears a rich legacy of the traditional art and architecture. Perched on the lap of the spectacular Srinagar Hill. Tansen, commands a panoramic view of Himalaya & Plains of Terai. It can be reached from Lumbini as well as Pokhara.


Gorkha - Manakamana Tour

Gorkha. This place can be reached in four hours drive from beautiful Kathmandu - Pokhara Highway.

All seasons

The first King of Shah dynasty established his Kingdom in Gorkha & from there unification of Nepal was initiated. The Gorkha palace perched at the top of the fortified hill, Manakamana & a cave of Gorakh Nath is spectacular.


Ilam Tour


All seasons

Renowned for Tea -Estates. From this beautiful - traditional hill station one can also reach Darjeeling. Ilam can be reached from Biratnagar- Kakarbitta Highway.


Dhankuta / Pakhribas & Basantapur Tour


All seasons

Dhankuta is one of the most fascinating district of east Nepal. Where, one can experience some of the exciting cultural & natural richness.


Dolkha / Jiri Tour

Dolkha. Drive to Jiri from Kathmandu is very enjoyable.

All seasons

Dolkha is a traditional township inhabited by diverese ethnic groups. The temple Dolkha Bhimsen is worth visiting. Nearby the valley of Jiri attracts the visitors.


Rolwaling Trip


Mar - Apr , Sept - Nov.

Less trodent , trekking area inhabited by culturally rich Sherpa community.


World Heritage Sites Tour

Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur

All seasons

There are seven World Heritage Sites namely Swayambhunath temple, Pashupatinath temple, Bouddha, Changunarayan, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square & Kathmandu Durbar Square.


Kathmandu Valley Culture Tour

Kathmandu Valley

All seasons

Visit to numerous Buddhists courtyards, bahals, bahis & choks.


Cultural tour of Sankhu

North East of Kathmandu

All seasons

An important religious place for Hindus & Buddhists located in an ancient mideaval town.


Bouddha Tour

East of Kathmandu

All seasons

One of the most important World Heritage Sites where a huge Boudha Stupa and many Tibetian colourful Monastries are located.


Hidden Treasure of Kathmandu

Kathmandu Valley

All seasons

A walking tour passing through unique Buddhist bahal like Chhusyabahal to World Heritage Site like Hanuman Dhoka.


Patan Tour

Patan ,Lalitpur

All seasons

Another important World Heritage Site, full of Buddhist Shrines & important Hindu temples like Krishna Mandir.


Bhaktapur West to East


All seasons

A walking tour from ancient man made lake of Siddha Pokhari towards World Heritage Site of 55 Windows, five Storeyed temple, Nagpokhari, Dattatrai, Pujari Math & other National Heritage Sites.


Bhaktapur North to South


All seasons

Trip to Mahakali Temple, Deochhe, Ganesh Temple & unique holy spots such as Tripura Sundari, Ram Mandir & Barahi.


Tour of Bhaktapur


All seasons

Museums, National Art Gallery & walking through nooks and corners of Bhaktapur.


Cultural tour of Thecho, Sunaguthi, Chapagaon and Vajrabarahee

South of Patan

All seasons

A unique agregrarian rural settings with multi- roofed Nepali style temples & rows of vernacular architectural buildings with dry onions, red-chillies, pumpkins decorated outside the windows.


Khokana, Karyavinayak & Bungamatee

Little South of Patan

All seasons

A unique Newari ancient village where chiken farming is forbidden. The village of Khokana is well known for extracting Mustard Oil. Besides there are very active Bajriyana Buddhist Temple such as Karya Binayak & Karunamaya.


Cultural tour of Sankhamul

North East of Patan

All seasons

This is a confluence of holy river Bagmati & Manahara . About 1500 years old huge monolithic statues of Garuda, Hanuman & Ganesh are worth seeing.


Gokarneswar, Suntakhan & Baluwa

East of Kathmandu

All seasons

An intricatedly built pagoda styled temple of Mahadeva with many archeological ruins. Among them is an inscription of 7th century describing in detail the construction of Buddhist Vihara & Chaityas.


Walking Tour from Ason to Hanuman Dhoka


All seasons

An exhilerating experience of urban indeginous life style, market teamed with small shops. The street landscape is dominated by golden pagodas and parasols.


New classical Tour of Rana Palaces

Kathmandu & Patan

All seasons

Although this country was never ruled by any foreign power, yet Kathmandu has many palatial buildings built by Ranas who were influenced by European architecture.


Night tour of Kathmandu


All seasons

Chanting of religious hymns with musical instruments performed in the premises of the temples in Kathmandu & Patan. A walk through calm lanes of the city would be an unique experience.


Nala / Banepa / Panauti Tour

East of Bhaktapur

All seasons

A village of many traditional Nanis , Patis and stone fountains, famous four storyed temple of Durga & Macchindranath.(Usually temples have two or odd number of stories.)


Lele Tour

South of Patan

All seasons

Historical site of 1300 years old educational centre of Kathmandu valley.Ruins of ancient schools, the famous Saraswati Kunda, ancient temples & beautiful sculptural arts are some of the important features.


Tour of Jamacho

Top of Raniban, Kathmandu

All seasons

3rd highest peak of Kathmandu, a place of meditation by Bipaswi Buddha when the whole of Kathmandu valley was a lake. As a result of meditation the Swayambhunath Stupa was raised, the lake was drained and this beautiful valley was created.


Tour of Nuwakot

North West of Kathmandu

All seasons

A capital city of the first King of unified Nepal , Prithvi Narayan Shah. The whole unification was planned and carried out from here. A natural fort on top of the hill between Trishuli & Tadi river.


Tour of Dakshin Kali / Pharping / Sikhar Narayan / Chovar & Adinatha


All seasons

This region is natuarally and culturally important place of Ktm .valley . Dakshinkali is a tantrik temple where animal sacrifices are made.


Bronze Casting in Patan


All seasons

Patan is well known for stone, bronze and wood carving. This tour shows the various processes of lost wax method of bronze casting . A typical indegious craftsmanship of Nepal.


Stone Carving in Kathmandu & Patan

KTM & Patan

All seasons

Intricated and time-consuming cheaseling of stone into a fine piece of work of art would be an interesting feature to watch.


Visit to Thangka Gallery

Swayambhu, Bhaktapur, Patan

All seasons

Thangka is a traditional miniature painting painted with pig hair brush, vegetable dyes & gold powder.Its history dates back to 10 century A.D.


Tour of Harisiddhi & East of Patan

East of Patan

All seasons

Beautiful shrine of Balkumari , seldom visited by tourists. The medival silver coins of Patan also has the name of Goddess Balkumari minted.


Visit to Kaiser Library


All seasons

A must for book lovers. A private collection of rare priceless manuscripts & books, some of them over 1100 years old later turned into National Library.


Cultural tour of Handigaon


All seasons

The famous Dhumbarahi statue - the boar headed incarnation of Lord Bishnu.One among the best sculpture in the whole Indian sub-continent.


Tour to Bagmateeghat


All seasons

A harmony between the nature and culture of Nepal. Separates the cities of Kathmandu & Lalitpur.


Bajrayogini Festival of Saankhu

Sankhu 23 Km North East of Ktm.


Begins from April Full Moon & lasts for 10 days.

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