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Recorded history of Nepal begins with the Lichhavi who came to power in 400 AD. With them the nation began to prosper in art, culture, painting, architecture and sculptures. The Malls who succeeded them gave a new turn to this prosperity by transforming the small Kingdoms of Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur into "open air museum of Art and Architecture".

Centuries later the Democratic Revolution of 1951 AD, marked a new era in Nepalese Tourism. The gates of Nepal were opened wider for all foreign visitors. The most exhilarating titles with which Nepal has been admired and praised by various renowned travel authors in recognition of her cultural richness, viz., Living cultural Museum, Shangri-la, Roof of the World, Birth place of the Apostle of Peace, Country of Living Goddess, City of Golden Pagodas & Parasols, Himalayan Pilgrimage, Wildest Dream of Kew, Nature amphitheater, melting pot of Hinduism & Buddhism, A tiny Kingdom of thirty-six ethnic groups & seventy-five spoken languages, Birth place of Sita, Abode of Shiva, Land of Mysticism & Exoticism, Land of non-stop festivals etc. are explicit and self explanatory. They tell the world about our incomparable & prosperous cultural heritage. Thousands of visitors from abroad come to Nepal to quench their visual thirst and their thirst to know "Nepal" and its myriad exotic natural cultural and spiritual features, Tourism is now insuperable part of Nepalese way of life and HMG is committed for its best development sharing hands with Private Sector. The designation of 1998 as Visit Nepal 1998 is a determined step taken by the Nepalese people towards making Nepal a known destination for the visitors.

This brochure is an attempt to bring our visitors some information about newly explored, identified, endemic products apart from the conventional mountaineering, trekking, rafting activities. The interesting anthropological, natural, cultural and endemic tours included in this booklet might require the visitors to hire some resource personnel to learn more about the cultural & anthropological products which can be arranged through travel agents.

Courtesy: Visit Nepal'98 Secretariat, Ministry of Tourism & Civil Aviation
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